How to best deal with illness


I am having a very busy year so I decided to follow the training advisor (almost) blindly. It was all going very well for a month or two but recently I had a lot of time off the bike due to illness (chesty colds). The past two months, I have been off the bike for about 4 weeks. I resumed training on Monday and the training advisor assumes I am rested and that I have a ~600 XSS deficit to cover, suggesting long and hardish workouts. In lack of better options, I decided to keep doing daily < 60 minutes, easier workouts and see how it goes. But I am not sure this is the right way.

Does the TA readjusts the plan and XXS load, when you spend time off the bike? Or is it determined to make me recover the lost training and exhaust me? Should I have marked the time off as such somewhere?

In general, what is the best way to stick to the original goals but account for these gaps in training?



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I recently broke my arm, what I did was select off season as my improvement rate, then as I was more able to train I adjusted that to taper, maintenance, slow and I am now back on moderate. The deficit should sort itself out as the system re-calibrates what your training load is. I’d work your way back slowly after illness, too much too soon could impact your immune system. Always err on the side of caution, especially with chest infections.