How to assign a workout to a day in the Planner

Hi, I was expecting the interface to work as follows.

Go to the day concerned in the Planner
Click on Choose Training when it appears
Select workout
Quit that pop-up
See my workout details in the Planner instead of the Forecast XSS/Workout place holder.

For me this does not work. I open EBC iPhone it seems to be the selected workout.
But in the planner it’s as if I did nothing. it still shows the Forecast place holder.
Is this the correct behaviour?

I would also like to try to pin a planned workout. I see no pin to click on to pin the workout, wherever I hover.
Where does this elusive pin reside?

I can’t find any topic in the help or community or release statement about the pin other that it is there somewhere.

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Are you on a phone or PC/laptop/tablet?
When you chose a workout from the list on the Planner are you selecting Save in lower right which closes the form and updates the Planner?
Are you also using the Training tab page to view the 3-day window?

Doh! I starting from the Planner. Though I just had to select it, see the save button now! and the pin.

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