How to adjust target event plan to account for several days off the bike?

I’m on a target event plan with a target date of September 19. However, I have a family vacation that will keep me off the bike for four days next week. My athlete type is Sprint Time-Trialist, my improvement rate is Moderate 1, and I’m at 2 stars. My training pacer needle is at 12:00pm.

Should I make any adjustments to my current focus or improvement rate to account for the days off?

Or should I make adjustments after returning from vacation to account for the time off?


I’m not an Xert expert by any means, but what I do is change the improvement rate to off season when I’m on vacation. Whatever “training” I may get while on vacation (e.g. hikes) I’ll estimate an XSS for, or use Strava and heart rate to record for Xert to derive a score, and otherwise just relax and don’t worry about it. When I’m back I’ll set the improvement rate back to Moderate-1, update the guidance and do whatever it suggests, which will often be harder intervals than before vacation because form will be so much higher.

Thanks, @jw66, that is very helpful. I’ll give that a try. One of the things I like about Xert is the flexibility and adaptability. With a rigid pre-set training plan, there’s no way to account for days off, and you just feel like a loser for missing “planned” workouts.

For four days I wouldn’t worry too much… and would actually consider a bit of overload in advance, as you’ll have more time for recovery on vacation. Of course needs to be balanced with how you feel - don’t want to dig too big a hole or risk injury now

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Hi agree with @wescaine
4 days is not that much, you can use that in your favor and do a bit of overload.

If that is not your thing, just take the days off and if the 1st day back Xert recommended workout seems doable/okay just ride it.

The needle will need a few days to get back to normal, so don’t try to get the needle back to centre all at once.