How the threshold power is determined

I am really confused about how TP is determined. I signed up about 1 week ago and at that point, I uploaded my data back to 1/1/2018 and my TP seemed really high. So I erased my data and just updated my data from 1/1/2019 and my TP seemed about right. I then added Oct, Nov, and Dec of 2018 and my TP dropped about 10 watts. Now I added July, Aug and Sept of 2018 and my TP jumped up 60+ watts.

Very confused

Uploading and deleting / resetting may throw the system off balance. I would just stick to 2019, or even only the last 6 months of it. Also, are your rides in the (2018) quarters mentioned, recorded with the same setup, i.e. power meter? And if different, do you know how closely they match? And if there is faulty data in there (power spikes due to PM irregularities for instance), it will also influence your numbers and may have an effect on them for a very long time. Anyway, like I said, just stick with the more recent data.

Yes, there is nothing different with my set up for the last 2+ years. I guess I’m confused on how data from 15+ months ago can affect my TP now.

Is your indoor setup the same as your outdoor setup? Is your indoor performance, in general, different from outdoors? Many athletes have a significant difference between the two. How sure are you about the accuracy of your data? Do you read power inconsistencies and if so, how often? The fact that old data influences your signature today, is just how Xert works. Not in any way bad by design, but I think usefulness may depend on many personal factors. For me, it didn’t work, also because my Vector 3 pedals were a mess and even a year later, that was still influencing my signature, although I ditched them after 6 weeks or so. Like I said, just use current data, check it for possible errors and flag rides that have any.

Xert is a very cyclical system. The first activity uploaded (and the signature for that activity) are used to determine the strain, training load, and thus the fitness signature for all the remaining activities.

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