How shall i compensate for non logged riding? Suggestions?


I currently got 1 star and thus get alot of suggested recovery time between workouts. But I cycle about 2h (± 30 min)/day for work on an e-bike on the lowest setting (intermittently. So not 2h in one continuos ride). I deem it to be the equivalent average power of round 75-80% of my LTP. Ive done this for about 10 months, and before that i did maybe 3h/day at an average of 100% of LTP for about 9 months (this i used to logg and was at around 3-3,75 stars).

I know that i can adjust the freshness feedback. But by how much for this amount of activity? Or is there a better way?

Try wearing a heart rate monitor and put a cadence sensor on the bike so Xert can give a reasonable heart rate derived XSS value for your commutes. Or put a pedal based power meter on it.

Thats a bit too much effort/hassle i think since its not just commutes to and from work, but rather repeated transportations continuously throughout the day.

Just put one workout a day down whenever you use the ebike and guess at the XSS.
Xert will take notice and your stars will rise a little


Ok so just manually put everything in?

I agree and if you can, go back and do it for the last 60 days so your training load is immediately correct.

If you are riding easy, it’s as as easy number of hours multiplied 50 for the XSS, and pure endurance focus. You can do that directly in the planner I think. And can copy and paste the activity if it’s broadly the same duration each day.



Another alternative is to ride the commute once (both ways) with power meter on your road bike and save the activity (save one activity for each way). You can then ‘Favourite’ the activities. From the fitness planner, you can then click/drag the commute to/from work into the fitness planner. Xert will automatically add the duration, Focus, and XSS to your progression. It likely won’t be perfect, but it’s more accurate and easier than manually adding everything. Hope that helps!

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