How Often Do You Achieve Breakthroughs?

Now that I’ve been riding outdoors a bit more, I have been pushing myself a bit harder on my high-intensity days. There’s just something about seeing my MPA below 600 W and wanting/knowing that I can push a bit harder and nab a Breakthrough! For me, this happens to be maybe once per week, depending on how I feel during my ride… which got me thinking last week about how often other Xerters are pushing for breakthroughs - do you like pushing yourself to the limit? Or do you avoid them if at all possible? Thought I’d make a poll here and see how often Xerters are getting breakthroughs.

How Often Do You Achieve A Fitness Breakthrough?

  • Multiple Times Per Week
  • Once per Week
  • Once Every Few Weeks
  • Once a Month
  • Infrequently - I Prefer using No Decay

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My last BT was 7 months ago ! Hopefully I’ll get one next week, as I planned to do a “fitness test” on Tuesday. Winter was long, so my fitness decayed a lot: it will require the whole Summer for me to reach a “satisfying” level. It should give me enough opportunities to get BTs :stuck_out_tongue:

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Have you been using No Decay during that time?

My “Signature Decay Method” is currently on “No Decay”, but I can’t remember when I changed that setting, so… At least, by looking at the “Progression Chart”, it seems that the TP curve is OKish: TP going down whenever I had one or a couple of weeks off (for different reasons), and slowly going up when I train regularly. I hope that next week test will confirm my current fitness, that is, not that good, but not that bad…

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I aim for every few weeks and pair it with slow decay.

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Yup - that’s exactly how I train all summer long as well :slight_smile:

I answered once a month but in reality, it is about every 6-7 weeks. Had a near breakthrough today though, does that count :wink:

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I would say so! The technical name for a fakethrough is a ‘Near Breakthrough’. Usually means that your signature is just about dialed in perfectly, if you weren’t able to push any harder/longer on that effort :wink:

Does it have a different name for when the system thinks it was a near breakthrough but in reality you had more to give?

If you weren’t really trying or going all-out then you can simply flag the ‘near-breakthrough’ to leave your signature unaffected. You’ll still be awarded all the XSS, etc. for the activity!

Hi, I do a breakthrough every 2 weeks or so, and recently I switched to small decay, because during the races I received several breakthrough notifications!

I generally try to go for a BT every month or so. Looking back at my last BT, it’s been 4 weeks so I guess I’m due for a hard effort!

I have my Signature Decay set to Optimal.

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You should have also listed infrequent (1-4) months with decay. I did not test for several months but was training with lots of volume. So no energy for breath through effort and older so slower recovery. Since I finished my season and have relaxed my training load, I have had multiple breakthroughs over the last 6 weeks.

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