How many files should i upload from Zwift?

I mainly use my hometrainer during the winter, and during a 3 hour training i participate in different events. That gives me multiple data uploads to Strava from each training. Yesterday was like this: Warm up for 20 min that was uploaded when the stage 3 of Tour De Zwift started. After TDZ ended i had another 20 min cool down, and ended up with 3 different uploads.
I use a head unit from Karoo at the same time and this one is constantly running and so only have one file from the complete training, i just hit the lap button when changing event. So my question is: Does it matter if the upload comes in 3 different files directly uploaded from Zwift to Strava or should i use the one file from my head unit? I just want to give Xert the best possible data and was wondering if 3 files doesnt give the correct registration of XSS, breakthroughs etc etc.

The only thing that you’ll see materially affected is the advice from XATA. It averages your activities so if it sees 3 vs. 1, the average will be very different and will likely recommend shorter workouts. Other than that, there aren’t any non-negligible mathematical differences between the two alternatives.

Thanks :slight_smile: