How long should I be able to last at my FTP

I am wondering how long will I be able to last at continuous FTP of 218 watts? i need to do a 10 mile race but prior i need to run 2 miles and 2 miles afterwards ( duathlon). should i try NOT to exceed 218 ( or close) up the hills and trying to hammer downhill.? i hope I can do it in 28 minutes. Any help is greatly appreciated. Is this the wrong question for this forum? Thanks

Hi Fernando,

Many athletes will find that their TP will be somewhere near their 60 min power. You can also see what your 30 min power (30MMP) in the workout designer, so you have an idea of the power that you can hold for about a half hour. Remember that you wont want a breakthrough on the line, since you have another run after you get off the bike. Hope this helps!

Thanks Scott! I just noticed on the power curve , a value of 226 Watts for 30 min durationif I ise a 90% multiplier ill get around 203. I think it makes sense! That should get me a 22 mph average.

Perfect. Good luck in your duathlon!