How long does it take to to switch to Premium after payment?

Hi, I just subscribed to a Yearly Membership via PayPal about 70’ min. ago (11:14 UTC+1). Transaction went fine, my credit card debited.
I thought I would have been granted full access almost immediately, instead I’m stil stuck to a Free Membership.
It’s a bit annoying, as I was going to have a workout using the “workout” feature on my Android Xert Mobile App.

Any chance to get this fixed in a couple of hours?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Ok, it works now.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Its 12:24pm PST and I paid via paypal at 11:00am PST still haven’t converted from free to subscriber

Update: ended up activating sometime after my post…

Sorry about the delay.

I had the same issue, which also sorted it self out after some time. But for me, all the workouts I have done from being downgraded to free and until I upgraded to Premium is not syncing. It is via Google Connect. Is this normal?

It seems it is only missing to sync the gap from when I was downgraded to Free until I paid for Premium today. So I have multiple rides that are not being synced. Is there a way to do this?

The interface to Garmin Connect doesn’t permit us to retrieve historical activities. You can either upload your missing activities directly from your Garmin or if you no longer have them on your Garmin, you can download them from Garmin Connect and then upload them. If you upload an existing activity, it should be detected as a duplicate. This means you can upload a batch without having to worry about creating duplicates.