How kong to build 4.5 to 5 stars of fitness?

I am at 1.5 stars right now with about 4-5 hours of training per week. How long will it take for me to get to 4-5 stars? Should I bump my training hours to 8 hours per week?

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It’s not only about more hours, but intensity too. That said, if you want to get past 4 stars, you will have to put in a lot of hours, because you cannot train at near max intensity every session/hour.

Your TL is now between 50 and 75 - this will have to increase to over 110 for 4 and over 150 for 5 stars…


I like the stars but would love to have my current TL, RL and form displayed just under the stars. The stars alone don’t really tell you that much. @xertedbrain?


@Cyclopaat Thanks for the link. I learned a lot. Also, for some reason, My 1.5 stars are red. I don’t feel that much tired. I guess it will go back down to yellow ow blue as I do more volume.

The color of the stars is also subject to debate often. It will become more accurate as your history gets interpreted better, I believe.

But for now, you can use the slider to adjust your tiredness level, which also results in higher load training recommendations, instead of mainly recovery rides.

You can find the slider on the Planner tab, called ‘Freshness Feedback’ - put that at +5 - +10 and see what happens.


Thank you @Cyclopaat. Have you considered working for Xert? You are very knowledgeable. :slight_smile:

Not everybody agrees :joy: On occasion, I’ve been scolded for appearing to be too Xert minded…

I would say 1.5 to 2 years unless you are already good at some other endurance sport. It will take more like north of 10-12 hours a week once you obtain 4 stars.

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@mikhalit I presume you are talking about getting 5 stars? If so how many hours a week for 4 stars?

I would say 8 and more, depends how large XSS rate can you tolerate. The more trained you are the more XSS per hour you can tolerate. So for someone less experienced it will take more hours to get to 4 stars than for a trained one.