How is the HIE replenishment rate calculated?

The title says it all, but i’ll elaborate a bit more. While it’s obvious that HIE will replenish faster the less power you exert after an effort is there more to it than meets the eye ? Is the current difficulty during the ride also taken in consideration to factor in fatigue ? Does the algorithm account for fitness gains over time that cause you to be ready faster for your next interval or being able to withstand an increased number of intervals ?


I’d be interested in the answer. One would have to think there are a lot of factors involved in determining how quickly HIE is replenished. If I do a very hard effort today, I have to think the HIE will replenish more slowly tomorrow.

It’s been three days? Looks like your question has slid under the radar.

Replenishment rate is part of your fitness signature. It can change as your signature changes with training. Replenishment rate (i.e. your signature) can be affected during longer rides but the fatigue process isn’t simple and likely needs additional input (such as food intake).

There are no magical hidden numbers in Xert. We haven’t trained some ML algorithm with a number of different opaque parameters. It’s just your signature. Hard to believe but it’s true. To verify, you can upload any FIT file into any account and apply the exact same fitness signature and get the exact same results.

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