How does XERT capture outside ride

I am new, have watched some videos and trying to figure things out. I usually round out workouts with weekend group rides. While they do sych in XERT from Strava it seems that the data does not flow through. In todays example, I have a powermeter (4iii) and dual heart rate monitor yet the fields are blank. See image.

How do I get this data to properly account into my fitness on XERT. If there is a more comprehensive source of info, please share so I don’t have to bother people with my questions. Just not as intuitive as say TrainerRoad… (sorry … just sayin)

Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:
Lots of newbie tips in this thread –
Beginner questions - Support - Xert Community Forum (

Also watch the Academy series videos (in order) as soon as you are able.

It does not appear your sensors were paired for this activity.
What head unit was the ride recorded with?

They were paired, Garmin 520, I watched my power and heart rate the whole time. When riding indorrs on my Direto trainer my Garmin Dual has failed to pair with the EBC app as well.
I will read the thread you linked. This same thing happened on my Saturday ride, I see my stats on my Garmin, but nothing comes over.

If your head unit pushed the ride data to Strava with power and HR data intact, the same should sync from Strava to Xert.
You could alternately setup Xert to sync from Garmin Connect and then Xert to Strava which has the option to add Xert report summaries to the Strava feed.

You could try importing the original FIT file from Garmin to Xert or export same from Strava and import that into Xert and see what happens. You may have to delete the current Xert entry to do that.

You need a number of weeks of data before Xert’s algorithms can make a proper assessment of your training history and determine a starting fitness signature.

Send a copy of the .fit file to support team so we can take a look at it. If there’s data in the file, we should be reading it just fine.