How does the Training Pacer know my freshness or lack of

Hi - just joined Xert and was amazed that after sucking in all my workouts for last 3 months - the Training Pacer knows i am tired - but how and if i take it easy for a week how will it know i am Fresh without my saying so??

Hi Sanjay. Welcome! Xert doesn’t know you’re tired. It just looks at your data and recent training and classifies it as “tired” based on how your training and recovery loads add up. You can adjust this using the Freshness Feedback slider to help the system understand when to schedule high or low intensity training, but quite often the neutral value of 0 works well. The advisor bases this on the freshness calculated. See our glossary entry on Training Status and Form for more detail.

thanks Armando for your prompt response - by the way - i came to try Xert after hearing the Velonews 'podcast - which was interesting listening.