How does the power levels work?


I like xert and the intervals feels in a quite good level.

But the “resting” power feels too low and I manually increase this.
Anything less then 120W feels like kicking air. And some programs shift between 100 and 140W many intervals.

Is there any way to increase this in some other way?

Sometimes I also wounder how xert work in general. I have made some tests in a professional place and got some figures about my different heartrate zones and sometimes I think that xert have got me in the wrong zone. According to the person I met some intervalls are suppose to be spend in that heartrate level in xert my HR just reach that level in the end of the interval.

Sounds like you may have to fine-tune your signature? Although Xert does not (yet) incorporate HR zones, unless you train with a HR monitor only, you would expect that there is a correlation between what you know from your lab test and what Xert has you do. If you’re kicking air and only fatigue at the end of each interval, your TP (and subsequently other numbers) may be off. Have you done BT efforts lately?

God dag! Dank u wel!

Do you mean the power curve? Actually the start of the power curve looks quite good.

No maybe it is time.

No, power curve is another tool. Also useful, but only if you have good test results for several power durations. As you can see explained on the page: if you know for instance your 10 sec, 1 min and 20 min power (or any other combination like 3 min, 20 min, 1 hour) then you can (re)calculate your curve and use that for your signature.

Going for a breakthrough means finding one workout aimed to achieve a BT in the library (search for breakthrough) and run that.

Ok thanks! I have been off training for a while and gained a lot of weight.

I really like many of the programs in xert. I feel more energetic after the workout then before :smiley:

I can’t select that program since I am not a paying member yet.

I will go away on a trip in January but plan to subscribe when I come back in february.

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It is commonly quoted that recovery watts should be at least 50% of your TP. I would agree that sometimes if it is too low it does feel both aimless ansd uncomfortable.

Even if you lower RPM to for instance 30 or 40? On the other hand, keeping a high RPM at low power levels, improves your balance and pedal stroke…

That’s true! Maybe I can pedal very slow or just using one leg.