How do I reduce my LTP as it feels too high

How do I go about reducing the value of my LTP?

Its currently at 166w but I feel this is too high for me.

My numbers are - TP 204w, HIE 14.9kj, PP 932w, LTP 166.

I’m thinking that my overall signature might be off.


“Too high for me” because suggested LTP endurance workouts are too difficult to complete?
For example, Smart - Save Yourself, Smart - Lucy in the Sky, or The Pretender.
When was last signature update?
What is decay method currently set to?

I take it from all your questions that it’s not possible to reduce it then.

I was simply after an answer as to how to do so.

You can’t adjust it directly as it actually results from the other 3 signature parameters. You can reduce TP and increase HIE to result in a lower LTP though. Best to do in your last BT effort activity, advanced MPA, then adjust the parameters (hit refresh) such that you still have a small BT. Then save. I wouldn’t make big changes though.

Normally manual adjustments aren’t needed, but it’s possible they are. Safest to check with Xert support actually. If not, then as @ridgerider2 hints at, I’d also check that the signature is reasonably fresh and accurate more broadly. Try some more BT efforts with as long as possible near MPA etc as mentioned in previous posts on getting a good BT / accurate signature. Also check that past BT efforts didn’t have wonky power data etc.

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Perfect thanks

Kinda like someone saying “my handlebar feels too low, how do I change it” in which case my initial reply would be “why does it feel that way to you?”. Do you have pain, how long is your stem, what position do you normally ride in, etc.? :smiley:

Does “feels too high” mean you doubt the LTP value is legit based on what you think it should be or does it physically feel that way during workouts?

As @wescaine mentions it’s a calculated figure dependent upon your signature. That’s why it’s grayed out under Account Settings, Profile and elsewhere. Settings for decay method and IR are factors. Also note LTP is not your all day power.
Here’s another discussion: LTP questions

:smile: Seriously?

Thanks for your help.

Just adding some extra spice into this thread…

LTP shouldn’t necessarily feel “Easy”. From the data that users have shared with me, I suspect LTP is right around or just above LT1, but it wasn’t created to be LT1, if that makes sense. LTP is a mathematical artifact of the relationship between TP and HIE, and just happens that it falls near the first lactate threshold. What LTP truly is in our system is what we would expect your TP to decay down to after a long long ride. I.e. riding at LTP after a 6 hour ride might feel similar to riding right around TP when you’re fresh.