How do I plan?

Hi all, I am trying to get familiar to Xert as I see the potential benefits vs TR, Z etc.
Based on latest available release, how do I plan work during the week / weeks if I already know that I have some fixed XSS committments in the weekends or races ahead?
Is there a way to fix multiple given constrains in the future plan and optimise accordingly?
thank you!

Hi Renato,

Welcome on Xert!
Just to be sure. Basic settings to get started with Xert:

  1. Connect to Strava to get your history synced with Xert. This way Xert can make you initial Fitness Signature
  2. Set your goals: Target event date, Athlete Type and Improvement rate.

Now you should be able to see your Training Program Bar in the Training tab.
Just follow the Adaptive Training Advisor (ATA) for your training workouts.
It is OK to skip a day if you feel like it. Xert will adapt and provide you with the right workouts given your goals.

If you still would like to plan up front just goto the Planner tab and click on a day in the future for which you would like to schedule a training. You can choose to manually add the details or let Xert advise you a workout. Now these scheduled workouts are taken into account in the Planner => Weekly status information and workouts advised by Xert in ATA.

Hope this helps.

Gr Johan B


thanks, johan - helpful. that would work also by inputing additional B-type events. thanks, R

Really? I read in another thread that Xert does not take into account planned workouts when it is making recommendations. So I’m under the impression that tapering before an event, making sure you are fresh before a particularly difficult workout, and taking rest/recovery days are all up to the user?

Mmm… I think you’r right.
I guess what I was trying to say is that the planned workouts are already taken into account in the Weekly Stats and the Activities table. So you know upfront what performance you can expect including these planned workouts.

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