How do I Plan the week ahead

Hi, I’ve been using Xert for some time, my go to place to do them is Zwift. Importing ZWO manually from Xert is ok I guess, I have my A race date set rider type etc. It’s got my FTP pretty dialled. I have my needle advice time set to 11.59pm. All good I think.

I aim to work out at 6am. Every day for a year now, I wake up at 5.30am and check the needle, I never know exactly what it’s going to say. Some days it seems to surge. Some days it appears I’m on track but I know it’s tricking me.

I want to know or plan exactly what I’m doing in advance, and be able to plan the night before. The week before, even. Ideally including B/C races.

I can never really predict what the needle is going to say in advance. The amount of XSS it demands from day to day seems to vary a lot. I almost would simply like to know, how much XSS I need to do in a week, and fill up the calendar with my preferred workout plan.

What should I be doing different? I’ve tried changing the advice timer and things get really screwy. My time zone is NZST GMT+12:00, does that factor into it at all? Help


If you work out every day at 6am, I would set the usual training time to 6am + the normal duration of your workouts. Probably less than 2 hours on average, so 7:30 - 8:00 - if different, adapt accordingly.

Should you decide to doing your workouts at 7pm, then do the same thing.

The amount of XSS ‘needed’ is an indication, not a must or something to fixate on. You have probably read the explanation on how it is calculated - if not:

If you train consistently, you will be more able to predict what’s next, use your history over the past 2-3 weeks to fill the week ahead. I wouldn’t plan further ahead than that.

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If you look at the weekly stats in the Planner tab, you can see your XSS per day for the past week/s. That number needs to be above your TL if you want to increase TL… so you could just use that plan your rides?
If you want your TL to go up by say 1 per week you need to have XSS per day of roughly 9 (60/7) above your TL… up by 2 per week, then 18 above etc.
As you plan to ride every day, you can just target roughly the XSS per day you calculate using that approach.
Personally, I’m not that precise and prefer a mix of long and short, easy and hard etc. rides, not always on the same day of the week, which is where the weekly planner is useful. I pay more attention to that than the needle