How do I get my Xert rides uploaded to Garmin Connect?

How do I get my Xert rides uploaded to Garmin Connect? I’m new to Xert (30 day-trial subscription). I used Wahoo Systm for a while and it uploaded to Garmin Connect automatically once I authorized the connection. I looked around in the app, but couldn’t figure out a way to do it. I use the Xert app on an iPhone. I’m not very technically oriented. I have a Wahoo Kickr. I also have a Garmin Edge 520, which I don’t use the while I’m on my smart trainer. Has anyone run into this problem. Thanks very much for any info/advice.

You can download the FIT file from Xert and then add to Garmin Connect on their website. You can also just connect your Garmin 520 to your trainer and record the workout.

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Garmin is a closed proprietary system and only those that they choose to allow to upload are able to upload. We hope they become more open in the future.

Both Xert and Strava are open systems allowing any third party system to access and upload activities.

I have a 520 also. I use the Xert ConnectIQ app instead of the Android app. The ConnectIQ app works seamlessly once set up. At the end of your workout, the Xert app prompts you to save the ride, which is then uploaded to both Garmin Connect and Xert simultaneously. I highly recommend it.

It does have one bug - you need to re-enable all of your sensors after the workout or before your next ride because they get disabled after the Xert workout. I think this is a Garmin bug, but it’s still a slight pain.