How do I find workouts I have created in the Workout Designer?

I’m sure there is a simple answer to this, but I struggled to find the location within Xert & a forum search didn’t find anything either.
I wanted to do a VO2 Max workout this morning, but the one I wanted to do was a bit too long and i couldn’t fit it into the time I had available.
I copied it & reduced the 12 intervals to 10, then saved this new one.

The only way I could then find it was to go into the training tab and filter by unticking everything apart from ‘personal’ at the bottom in the ‘workout/session source’ area of the filter.
Using the filter in this way is not ideal, as it also displays all of my rides in Zwift.

I assumed there would be a library somewhere of my created workouts. Is this not the case?
I assume I am just not looking in the correct place.

Since you are copying an existing workout doesn’t description search locate your version and the original?
Not a Zwifter but I thought the Personal folder only contained workouts or sessions you create or workouts you import.
What steps would I follow for a Zwift ride to end up on Xert?

Hi Keith,

If you know the name of your workout, you could use the text search box in the Recommended Training Panel (or Xert EBC app) to find your workout:

@ridgerider2 @ManofSteele

Thanks for replying. Yes, I did think of just searching for the name of the workout. Given that it was just created, it would have been easy for me to remember.
I am thinking more of in the future if I want to go back to a workout I have created in the past, or create a library of my own workouts that I get good results with & want to use whenever.

I assumed any workouts I ‘create’ whether from scratch of by copying an existing workout would be somehow linked to my profile and easy to refer to directly. Is this not the case?
Where are they saved? Can anyone search & find these workouts? It seems strange to me that you can create your own workout in the workout designer & once you hit save it disappears ‘somewhere’ and you have to remember the name to find it again.
I guess I could put add my name to any workout I create & then just search for that?!

@ridgerider2 - regarding the Zwift rides ending up in the personal folder - whenever I do a ride in Zwift, it ends up in Xert in my activities. If I do a workout during that Zwift ride, then I end up with two entries - the Xert one & the Zwift one - so I delete the Zwift one. If I filter for ‘personal’ in the training area, any Zwift saved activity appears. Outdoor rides also appear there, which get uploaded from my Wahoo.

If you set the filter to ‘personal’ like you seem to have done here and then just click on the green ‘Workouts’ to switch from ‘All’ your personal workouts will be shown and nothing else.

Or you could open the workouts library and set the filter to personal there:
Left bar Training - Workouts

As far as I know they are private. There is a tag I think that can be added to share one in a special workout community but I can’t remember.

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@idefix ah yeah. Good tip about also selecting workouts :+1: thanks I’ll give it a try.