How do I favourite a workout now?

How do I favourite a workout now so that it appears on my list of favourites on the Planner page now that you have removed the add to favourites button/icon?

Haven’t seen an official notice, but from playing around –
You can still favorite an activity (:star:) from either the Activity tab or Activities Table.
That will make it appear on the Planner for drag and drop operation.
Like/Dislike a workout adds another dimension where you can voice your opinion. :slight_smile:
Workouts you like will sort at top of recommended lists and you can filter by like/dislike when searching the library.

One loophole I see is if you want to import a workout you can’t make it a favorite until you’ve done it once. I suppose they could include the star icon on the workout details page.

EDIT: The official notice – Liking & Disliking Workouts – Xert

No more favoriting workouts, only activities. ‘Favorite’ workouts have been switched to ‘Liked’ workouts. Should be displayed now:

Hmm. Works here… Click on the notification about the imported workout to open it and click the ‘thumbs up’ button in the top corner:

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You can like it right away, but if you want to make it a favorite to use with the Planner you must ride it first. Logically that makes sense, but you may be importing a favorite workout from elsewhere you intend to use with the Planner.
Perhaps a checkbox during import might solve that. (_Like this workout.)

EDIT: Okay I see what you mean now. The Favorites list (under Activities) is strictly for completed activities. And there is a new filter option for the workout library that allows you to view liked or disliked workouts.

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