How do I download a .fit file of an activity?

I used the mobile app to complete a workout/activity. I’d like to now download the .fit file, or even a tcx–some traditional file format. When I bring up the activity, all I can see is how to download image file formats or csv files, etc.

Tap the 3 dots on the top right after tapping the activity in the Activity Log and Share.

How would we get a .fit or tcx file from the web platform Armando? Is there a way?

You can download a CSV file using the chart on the activity details page. Unfortunately there isn’t a way yet to download it in another format.

Thanks! That works for now. I’d like to also add a feature request for this to be in the web platform–or at least a way to automatically sync to some other manual-type source with the mobile client (e.g., always sync to google drive folder, always email, something other than Strava/TP).