How did you add cadence goals?

Wow just did SMART - Hot Blooded - 2 and I originally thought this won’t be bad until I had to keep a cadence of 105 for the easy stretches and 110 for the harder ones. Took a look at the workout builder and didn’t see how that was added.

Cadence targets are based on your previous choices. To calibrate the algorithm, use your gears to choose a cadence that works best. This will then enable the system to better provide cadence guidance targets moving forward.

That’s interesting as before i started Xert a couple weeks ago, i generally ride 95-100rpm road, 85-90 MTB. For me Hot Blooded -2 chose 45 and 50rpm for the workout. So you are saying that i should ignore the Bioshift and choose what cadence i want? I was assuming the study you sited for cadence vs wattage was giving me the most efficient cadence. It has reduced my HR during the exercises, but my legs fell like i am lifting weights. If this is correct, will my legs catch up to my cardiovascular eventually?

Bioshift/our algorithm will learn based on your choices and not on an predefined expectation. Since your preferred cadence is based on power, if you’re noodling at lower power numbers, it doesn’t make sense to push too high a cadence and this should be normal. Your body will adapt to different cadences. Also note that, if you’re not using sufficient ventilation, you’ll see lower HR at lower cadence values. That’s another dynamic though.

Thanks, Armando. I’ll carry on