How come i get lower values on my power curve than what i have actually preformed?

Ive noticed that my power curve shows lower values on some of the timepoints than what i have actually preformed. For example my 1 min power from the power curve is lower what i did on a 1 min effort today. How come?

The power duration curve that is modeled via your fitness signature curve isn’t like what you might find on many other training platforms - that is, it doesn’t display what you have done, but what you could have done. Your activity is a bit of an edge case, as there is a bit of a delay between when power is applied, and when MPA begins to decline, which can sometimes give results like this in the 30-60s area of the PD curve. Nevertheless, the two should come out almost equal, even in scenarios like this. We’re looking into your activity to see where the discrepancy lies.

Ok thank you.