How can I make use of Xert?

Hi all, long time trialler, first time forum poster!

I’ve used Xert on and off over the past couple of years when a trial has been available. I really like that Xert can predict my MPA and after a session it tells me if I’ve had a breakthrough or not and tell me where.

Theres a few things I’m looking for from an analytical perspective so wondering if you could give some feedback as to how Xert may have a solution to help decide if I subscribe.

  1. Power curve improvements over time
  2. Weekly TSS
  3. Realtime data when using Zwift or RGT - Do I have to use the garmin app or is there a PC overlay?
  4. Club functionality - can I benchmark club members against each other with their signatures

Appreciate any feedback

Hi Gary,

Welcome (back) to Xert! I’ll jump in on a few of these topics!

  1. Not present, and not likely to be added, at least anytime soon. This is already available widely elsewhere (for free). Rather then expending our relatively limited resources trying to copy what is already widely available elsewhere, we spend our time creating innovative, cool features that you won’t find on any other platforms. Rather than tracking any specific power durations (i.e. 5min, 20 min, etc.), we’ll show how your fitness signature parameters change over time.

  2. Already present! Head to Fitness Planner > Weekly Stats. You’ll find a column there titled “Total XSS”, which will show the total XSS for the week (current + planned through the end of the current week).

  3. You need to be recording the data using some Xert application (Garmin Workout Player or Android/iOS apps). Our apps send the data to our server, and can then be displayed anywhere using our Remote Player/Monitor. I often will free ride in Zwift (trainer control off) while running a workout from the iOS or Android app. Works great!

  4. Yes! If you get your buddies set up with Xert and create a club, you’ll be able to see how you stack up against everyone in the club via the ‘Rankings’ tab, similar to the screenshot below:

If you make it a Team, rather than a Club, you’ll also be able to see each Team Member’s specific Fitness Signature, in addition to the rankings. You could set up both, and your mates can join either (or both), depending on how open they are to sharing their fitness data.

Hope this helps! Cheers!