How can i load a workout into the garmin iq app

how can i load a workout of my preference into the garmin iq app? when i load the garmin iq app, and it is fetching the workout, it always loads the “recommended” workout from the ecb app, even when i

  • plan another workout via the planner.
  • select my workout via the ebc app - i only don’t click the start button

it is very annoying that i can’t seem to find how to load my preferred workout to the garmin iq app, there must be something i’m doind wrong, but what?

Play Now selects the workout on XO which will list at top when you run EBC or Connect IQ app.
A workout added to the Planner must have a start time within 30 minutes of when you run EBC or the Connect IQ app for that workout to list as your selection.