Hours of training per week....?

Hi all, new to Xert, coming off a long period of no racing lots of Z2 work with some moderate efforts thrown in. I’ve got a solid base and decent FTP currently, I set Xert to a goal date of November 1st and Moderate -2. It’s showing that I need to:

Sustaining this improvement rate will require about 18.8 hours of training per week based on your recent training history.

When I joined it hoovered up 3 months worth of Strava data, I was probably doing 10-14 hours per week. Is amount of volume normal for Xert planning? I don’t really have the time for this volume, changing to Moderate -1 changed it to 17.5 hours per week.

I’d like to see gains but a 20 hour/week training schedule isn’t usually part of the Masters planning, I think it’ll kill me.


It will most likely result in slightly higher intensity workouts, if you don’t have the hours available that Xert recommends now. But it will dial in on your usual patterns, which may result in a little less improvement in numbers than it predicts now.

Thanks, I’ll continue with my coach’s schedule for now and see how the software interprets it. I’m might have missed it, but does Xert ask at some point training availability so the modelling can take that into account?

I’m a newbie here using the 30 day trial.
I was just messing with starting training load value under profile. Apparently this is what dictates your starting point.

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