Home Screen Message

Currently everytime I log in the same message opens up even if I’ve seen it 10 times previously. Right now it is the Strava Syncing problem message but before that it was the podcast message. I don’t have strava connection problems and I’ve listened to the podcast. I don’t need a reminder about them.

Is there an option to stop displaying these messages? At first it wasn’t a bother, but now it’s getting a little annoying.

Do you allow your web browser to store ‘cookies’? My browser (Safari) has a cookie for ‘xertonline.com’ and that is probably where a ‘has seen this message’ flag is stored so that it shows only the first time.

Yes. Sorry. I should have mentioned that my web browser is set to save cookies, ‘remember me’, etc.

Strangely I logged in this morning and no more message so it looks like it may have sorted itself out.