Hip bursitis, bilateral

Any of you all here afflicted by it? Nailed me to the wall Thanksgiving Day AM, and throughout the day, and Friday AM I was virtually immobilized. Today, two patches of 4% lidocaine to each hip at 0900, and I’m ambulatory at about 80% pain free. Following a 4 day break time in prep for getting a more accurate FS with a BT specific workout, and then, 4 days later, another serious effort because I was going off on T-Day travel, I was “shot through” as the aphorism (?) goes. # of days below is calculated from workout to “immobilization days” Thoughts appreciated by any and all, recognizing that I’m chronologically 83 yoa w/ Hx of right piriformis injury.

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Sorry to hear about your troubles. I trust your sports doctor or PT has advised you.
I imagine recovery time is most important at your age as it has become crucial for me at 69.
4 days between HI workouts may not be enough. :slight_smile:

If anyone wants to know more about piriformis syndrome including a quick diagnosis method, this is good source –
Piriformis Syndrome - Symptoms, Treatment & Exercises (sportsinjuryclinic.net)

I have evolving pain (undiagnosed) that appears related which is one reason I avoid long intervals. They trigger sciatic pain down my left leg the harder and longer the interval. In my case neuropathy kicks in by then too, but that is another story. :wink:

Hope you’re back in the saddle soon.


ridgerider2, you are indeed correct!! 4 days not enough, and that also with no strength training since Mar of this year. I think I also exceeded what muscular strength I had. FWIW, I had been doing x1/10 days HIT w/ negatively accentuated training via XForce equipment, to wit, eg., 100#'s on a concentric excursion, computer changes the eccentric automagically to 140#'s. I was until my April 6 surgery one tough, strong 80 some year old.

Surgery changed all that. I think that my exclusive conditioning Xert programs have exceeded the muscular strength available to carry them out. Hence, the bursitis as a consquence of overuse.

I will return to more modest strength training and figure out an Xert program that I can interlace w/ my weight training and ensure that I’ve programmed in enough recovery. I mean, shucks, it’s not like I’m training for anything. LOL LOL LOL

Thanks for your input, Sir and take care, Anthony

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