HIE too High?

Hi folks. I’ve been using Xert on and off for a couple of years, and have noticed something unexpected about my Fitness Signature. The algorithm has estimated my TP a bit lower than I would have expected based on the traditional 95% of 20 MMP approach, which actually makes sense to me. I have a good sized reserve of HIE and relatively lower fractional utilization. What surprises me is that the model keeps adjusting both HIE and TP up, without increasing fractional utilization. At this point, it seems out of whack. It’s showing 32.7 kJ. Is that possible? This isn’t a humble-brag, I promise. My TP is nothing to write home about. Just trying to figure out if the model is “right” or needs to be adjusted (or better yet, will self-adjust).

Couple of related points. The power duration estimate for 1 MMP is way, way higher than what I’m capable of achieving. And the estimated improvements in Goals seem to continue this low fractional utilization estimate forward. The net effect is that the estimated improvement in TP appears optimistic but achievable, whereas the estimated improvement in my 5 MMP appears to be completely unrealistic. I will hit a VO2Max wall long before I get there.

Hi Michael. You don’t have any activities before May 2 for almost a year. This assumes that your Training Load is 0 on this date. It is atypical. If you have activities in the past year, it would be good to sync them. Large invalid gaps in your training history will lead to errors and/or may need manual intervention to ensure the data is correct.