HIE seems really high, hard to get breakthroughs.

Hi all,
I have been using Xert all summer so lots of data. My Xert signature is currently: 1411PP, 32.5kj HIE, 316TP. My question is with HIE which seems to have a range of 29-33kj so far for me. Due to having such a high HIE I rarely seem to be able to get breakthroughs and my FTP seems to just decay a lot despite training a lot. I’m not sure if this is accurate HIE? I’m assuming in order to test it I just need to go do an all out interval and see if I can get a breakthrough? I’d have to do like 420+ W for 5 min though which is quite high compared to TP. Perhaps possible with some focused VO2 training.

Does this HIE seem out of the realm of possibility for an amateur? I’m setup as a puncheur, 77kg.

Looks perfectly normal (you’re about 5% higher than me on all three parameters) and is very typical of a strong sprinter type profile. Check our FAQ on evaluating your fitness signature. If you PP is too high, this could be a sign that HIE is too high as well.

Ok, thanks for the reply Armando. I did get a breakthrough the other day and it bumped me to 330TP which was quite a big bump. Last night doing 4x4 intervals at 385W but those didn’t seem to drop my MPA anywhere close to that. 4th interval was pretty hard towards end. Anyways, I’ll just keep on trucking!

380W is roughly your 10 minute power. (In fact, this was your max effort on your last BT activity). 4 minutes at 385W will barely dent MPA - MPA drops non linearly so that last 5 minutes will have a dramatic drop in comparison to the first 5 minutes. You can model this using the Workout Designer, if you wish.

Ok, but if I’m doing 4x4min with 2min RI would you expect me to be able to drain HIE pretty much all the way to whatever watts MPA for that duration on every interval? I mean that seems pretty hard…would be intervals around 450W, well out of my VO2 zone. I was shooting for 1.16 to 1.2 of TP so 380-395. I managed 380 - 385 - 390 - 383.

I came to Xert from Golden Cheetah after learning about W’ and considering it in my training. I’m prepping for CX where most of the race is done with some level of fatigue. I’m wondering if I should be going a lot deeper in these intervals. Also wondering if its recommended to do full gas to exhaustion intervals, IE attempting BT after BT in a working set. This just seems pretty dang hard. I have heard of Mike Woods doing intervals to exhaustion but from what I know this is generally not a best practice!

I could see an 8 min Tabata workout slowly bringing MPA down over the course of the efforts.

This is probably beyond the scope of this forum but I appreciate any direction you would be willing to give.

Our belief is that you should be training with a Focus, improving by increasing training loads on each system through achievable workouts that are well matched to you, your goals and your current status. You’ll rarely see a workout to failure recommended. These are generally too hard as regular workouts. Check out our blog on CX training.

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