HELP!!!!!Xert Player for Iphone ??????????

This week a new version of Xert Player for Iphone was released.I logged in an looked good. Today I went to log in and the App was completely frozen. Had to delete and reinstall. There,s only one App in the App store. After Installing I got the OLD App and not the new one that was just released. Need help!

Had to install test flight and now works again! :thinking:

Im confused, is there a new version ? App store says a year old ??

There is a beta version. See:

Thanks figured it

Actually, today I had to unistall the latest version and reinstall the old. with the new, it would not control my Kicker!

What was update too version 176 ??

I’ve tried everything but I can’t get my trainer (Elite Drivo) to show up under sensors for trainer control. It will sometimes show up under power but to make the app usable I need trainer control. The Drivo does broadcast a BT signal. Are we restricted to only 1 BT channel?

Not sure about iOS but ANT+ is what works well for trainer control with the Android app.

I’m pretty sure the IOS app is BT only. I tried using an Ant+ dongle but got nothing.

Is that model trainer Bluetooth FTMS compatible?
Looks like the only way ANT+ “might” work with an iPhone is Lightning to 30-pin dock adapter to a Wahoo key.

Rather than use the dongle, use the CABLE ANT to BT bridge. Works great.


I tried the CABLE and it works fine. Just be aware that you can only have 1 BT connection at a time with it. So if you want to use it to connect a power meter and your trainer, you’re out of luck. I can get sensors to show up in every field but trainer control, which is frustrating. I’ll play around a bit more tonight.

Try that again Kevin. I’m pretty sure you can have multiple connections to it.