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I’m today listed by TP as in Fresh condition and that is accurate given a number of my recovery indices external to Xert (Morpheus, BodyBattery, AutoSleep Readiness - each is an HRV based metric). Most importantly my energy level “feels” Fresh. OK

TP advises me that, given my XSS deficit, and my present status of Fresh, I should choose a “single diamond” Climber workout worth 101 XSS. I sure can’t find one in the Workouts list that meets those criteria. So, I’m ignoring the “single diamond” advice and selecting a workout based upon XSS.

Any contrary advice from any of you all, I’d be grateful for. :slight_smile:


The color of your status stars is your current calculated form while the color of the triangle shown in the Training Pacer (a component of XATA) reflects your calculated form 24 hours from now.
The number of stars reflects your achieved training load to date which in turn affects the diamond count for suggested workouts.
You won’t find many 1 diamond workouts under recommendations so I suggest you instead go to XO, select Workouts, click on the Rating column header to sort by diamond count, then start scrolling down until you find something you like in the 1-2 diamond range.
Click on any column entry other than title or chart and it will become your selected workout.
Or drill-down on title or chart to view details in Workout Designer and select the workout from there.
The variety of workouts expands once you reach 2 stars or higher as you will notice while scrolling down the diamond count list in the workout library.
You can find additional 1-2 diamond workouts under the Coach tab in the library.

Reference –
The stars: training status and form – Xert (
Xert Training Pacer – Xert (


Thank you :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Why don´t use the XATA? I am always in doubt here. For example the planner advises me endurance and the 4 recommendations on the right gives me different suggestions. I don´t understand the discrepancies here.

I am referring to the 1 diamond issue. There are only a few workouts at that rating for XATA to choose from and most are active recovery. You can make your own choices from the workout library where you can view all possible options.
Once you move up to 2 stars XATA has more workouts to work with.
You can also use Filter to change duration or focus which recasts the Recommended List. The results are still valid recommendations based on Xert’s model.

The Planner shows projected recovery which moves to blue/green by default but those conditions will change based on what you decide to do.
The Planner is best deployed for playing what-if scenarios such as what happens I do X, Y, and Z next week plus a group ride on the weekend.
Once accustomed to the “open calendar” concept in Xert I think most users prefer to make day to day selections.
XATA recommendations are as of this moment based on your current settings and what you did last week on the same day (which you may decide not to repeat).
The mix of recommended workouts will depend on your current program type (ex. TED+phase versus Continuous) and your calculated form (tired to fresh) assuming you don’t adjust the Freshness Feedback slider.

If you do like to plan a week in advance (I do it occasionally) see tips in this article –
Using the Xert Adaptive Planner – Xert (

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