Help with FTP

Ok I have in the past relied on High Intensity type training to build fitness but last year I overdid it to ill effect. I became interested in Dr Seilers Polarized approach. Lots of endurance work at low intensities. Im doing 10+ hours a week and while not quite running the watts in an effort to keep heart rate down, The Training Pacer says Im on track but my FTP isnt going anywhere. Im always in a tired state and the recommended workout is always Endurance. My High Energy has fallen because Im rarely doing anything above FTP. When does the training start adding back in intensity? Im in Peak phase and havent had anything but Endurance workout suggested. Is it because my status is Tired all of the time? Thanks

Polarization is targeted to be 80:20. This roughly means 1 out of every 5 workouts should be high intensity. At the moment, you have 3 days before your next high intensity workout. But if you do a high intensity workout tomorrow or the day after, this gets pushed out. At some point you need to do endurance before you do high intensity. This can be challenging for those that are used to riding hard on a more regular basis. Thanks for your question.