help with athlete type

Apparently, according to the algorithm the only aptitude I have much beyond average is as a power sprinter, but I have only interest in stage races that have road racing, TTs, and crits. What should my athlete type be? I listened to your interview on that podcast, but it didn’t really give me an idea of what I should shoot for. Should I be working on my weakest types, like GC Specialist or Time Trialist, or should I concentrate on what the algorithm says I’m already in the 90% on–pure sprinter? Or hedge the bet and go Pursuiter, Puncheur, Rouler? Help! I spend way too much energy worrying about this… Seriously, way too much.

Haha Chris. I would simply open up an activity that you wish you could be great at and look at its Focus. Then I would Focus on that. If your strength is a Power Sprinter and weakness is TT/Triathlete, then you can lean towards longer Focus Durations in prep. So, for example, if you want to be able to great road racer, Puncheur to Rouleur is the Focus you’ll aim for most likely. If your strength is as a Power Sprinter, I’d suggest you choose a Rouleur over a Puncheur in this case. It will give you a bit of an added focus on your weaker areas. Note that there is a lot of wiggle room here. So even if your Focus is Rouleur, doing a series of GC Specialist or Pursuiter workouts isn’t a bad thing. In fact, the variety can only help.

Great. Thank you!