Help Setting Fitness Profile

Hi everyone, I need some help dialling in my fitness signature. I did a zwift race the other day and it seemed to get all out of whack. I’m thinking it may not have enough all-out effort data to get it right?

I have flagged the activity and I played around with the fitness signature to try and resolve it myself but I am seeing some silly figures, so until I can resolve it I will just discount it.


Currently, I believe my TP is around 325-330 but after this activity, it set it at 490! Which made suggested workouts just crazy! PP was 1526 which is probably an underestimate if I did a fresh all-out sprint outside. HIE I get in principle but the number I was seeing seemed way off anything I’ve seen before.

I don’t want to discount the effort as it’s probably been one of my hardest in a long while but I don’t want to mess up my workout recommendations.

If my TP is 330 but the PP is underestimated would that be why the model is giving such a high HIE and TP?

A spike followed by sudden drop to zero watts (end of ride) can throw the signature algorithm off.
This shouldn’t be possible to do (tilt!) –

When you flag an activity that excludes it from signature calculation only.
Strain analysis and XSS points contribute to your TL regardless.
Flagging should restore signature values without any editing required.

Your PP and HIE look to be in normal range according to this article —
Are there errors in my Fitness Signature? – Xert (

Interesting to know about the abrupt stop. HIE was off that chart (48 something) hence why I thought it was all out of whack. Not a chance my TP is 490, ii will just keep it flagged.

Was your Power Meter calibrated before the ride? If the Sprint Data is valid (~814 W for 29s, including 1428W max), then your TP has to be higher than 330.

Otherwise your sprint is completed almost completely above your MPA, which is (by definition) impossible.