Help me understand the tiredness star

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Hi, I have recently joined and subscribed to Xert. I have been off the bike for about 3 months. My fitness generally dropped a lot. In the past 2 weeks I have resumed training with some moderate intensity and 90-120 minutes endurance ride. When Xert imported my Strava data it plotted my fitness and rate my tiredness. How accurate is this?

From the picture above it’s said that I am on the state of very tired almost all the time after I resumed training. Personally I don’t feel THAT tired. If I plot out future workout even with some very basic endurance ride it automatically rate me as very tired even with 4-5 days rest. How should I proceed with this? If this data is to be believed I ought to ride 2-3 hours per week at very low intensity which surely is not productive.

Is there anything I am missing? Please advise.

In your case, the system believes you are much less trained than you really are. You can ignore the status for the first few weeks and allow the system to catch up with your real fitness. If you haven’t ridden with power data but still have been training or have some fitness in your legs, this can happen.

I see. Thanks for the help. Will ride normally for a week or two to let the system catch up!

I think I have the same effect, how long shall I wait, until it is not very tired? I have always a training deficit, but also very tired. And it does not feel like this. And then always only recovery rides are proposed, that is not very useful. Thanks for any hint

You can experiment with using the Planner. Drag-and-drop your proposed workouts/activities onto the calendar and you can then see when the system will consider you to be fresh. The more stars you get in training status, the more training you’ll need to do to be tired.