Help me pick correct settings

Ok, so I have a 4iiii single sided power meter, an Elite drivo trainer and use the Android app with Ant+.

Upto now (this year), i’ve trained/ridden entirely indoor and so have used my Elite’s power meter to control ERG etc because it’s a bit more accurate than my 4iiii.

Moving outside shortly, i’ll have to use the 4iiii for recording purposes but am concerned that the accuracy and readings will differ to what the Elite might otherwise measure.

As such, i’m wondering whether I move to using the 4iiii indoors for both control and measurement (so there is consistency both in and outdoors). My question is how precisely I change the settings so as to allow me to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated

I can’t help you with the Android app settings - there are a few recent posts on here that could help you figure it out. Or, you can always email to and they’ll assist you.

However, you cannot use the 4iiii for control - the app cannot send commands to in- or decrease power to it. You’ll need to keep the Drivo connected for control, but report power (back) from the 4iiii pedal.

Other than that: how big is the (accuracy) difference? As it’s a left only power meter, you would need to test this by using the setup described above and see how it measures against your Drivo. If you have a noticeable L/R imbalance (mine is 47/53 on average), you’ll need to be able to compensate for that. Does the 4iiii app have a correction function for that?

If so and if you apply that and the Drivo and 4iiii are within a couple of Watts of eachother, I wouldn’t worry too much.