Heart Rate - rising less than usual

I know we are all about power here, but what does it mean when your heart rate is slower to rise during an endurance workout? I did a breakthrough effort on Monday. Took a rest day and have now done three endurance workouts on successive days since the planner says I’m tired. Each day it seems harder to bring my heart rate up.

Mine does that if my body is trying to flip me the bird :wink:
When I’m heading toward overtraining and ignoring it my heart rate will not rise much at all and way slower than usual. Seems to tell me to go watch some movies and let my body recover.
But I have no scientific data to support that.

Looking forward to other peoples ideas or observations. Maybe someone has scientific data?

…also I’m not well trained compared to most of you, I train a bit for a while and then do other things and then come back to some kind of sport or another.


If I am tired from many days of hard training, my Max HR is decreased and my HR does not rise quickly during intense efforts. If that’s the case, then i reduce both volume and intensity until I feel fresh.

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