Heart rate feature with run workouts

Hi, I have a question and an issue.

The question is - does the new heart rate feature work with run workouts?

The issue is - a while ago I remember setting up my account so that run workouts didn’t sync, they actually synced to a separate xert account because I have a running power meter and didn’t want to mix the data.

On looking at sync now I have my xert account linked to Garmin. Runs aren’t being synced but I can’t see an option on how to change this which I’d like to do if run workouts can now be taken into account by exert with HR data (assuming the power data from my Stryd won’t mess things up).

Thanks in advance for any help,


I believe this functionality requires cadence - not sure steps (spm) will be recognized as such…

Runs with heart rate are syncing for me and Xert is estimating stress, which seems about right.

Are any support people on here? As I haven’t really had an answer to my question. I managed to unlink garmin and link it again whereupon I could ask it to also sync runs, but it still isn’t. Any fix for this?

There are, like @ManofSteele and @xertedbrain, but it may also help to send support an email.