Having issues with fitness signature

Screenshot 2017-08-04 13 Screenshot 2017-08-04 13

Changed power meters… there was a bad calibration early on. I have manually chnaged my FTP back to 330 but after every work out it resets to 419. I change my weight manually to my 167 but every workout maintains the 173. I do a reasonably hard workout as attached and Xert thinks its an easy one. how can I get this corrected?

I believe if you go into your July 17th activity and manually enter the fitness signature on the Advanced tab to what it was before the activity, then Save/Lock, the values should trickle-down through the rest of your activities. Just remember that if you do a Progression Recalculation, your locks get reset and you’ll have to do this again. Just look for incorrect jumps in your progression and use this technique to correct them when you to a recalc. HTH