Have i broken a default workout?

My default ‘we will rock you’ workout is 3hours+ and 757XSS. it seems it’s supposed to look like this (pic1)

but when i open in the iphone app, it looks like this (pic2)

surely something is wrong here, have i inadvertently edited this? how do i reset? opening in workout designer and clicking refresh doesn’t seem to do the trick.


Can you try it again? Made some tweaks to the workout definition.

an extra 5 XSS! I should just htfu and get on with it right :grin:

definitely something odd going on Cheung CX is doing the same thing

it initially shows this, looks normal other than duration and XSS

but in the ios app its clear there is an issue

Looks like you still have the previous workout. You want to close the app and reopen it so that it grabs the updated workouts. Be sure you don’t open a copy of We Will Rock You somewhere in your library.