Has anyone used the Wahoo ant+ adapter to control an Ant+ FEC trainer using Xert?

I just got one of these and am trying to see if I can make it work with an iPhone 5s or SE as a bridge to control an Ant+ FEC trainer. Any suggestions or feedback out there?

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You mean this one?

You iPhone won’t pick up any signal from that, as it - your phone - is BLE only.

An adapter like that is typically plugged in to a PC that doesn’t have BLE, or to hook a trainer that does both, to a PC program that only reads Ant+ (like BgRingVR and VeloReality).

If your trainer is BLE capable, you can link it to your iPhone without a problem and control your trainer with a phone app, like Xert.

If your trainer is Ant+ only - but which trainer is theses days? - you will need something like a Cable to link it to your iPhone.


actually no, Wahoo has an adapter Key:

that converts BLE to Ant+ I have the appropriate converter etc just wondering if anyone has tried this system with Xert.

Sorry, didn’t realize those still existed. I had one when I had an iPhone 3G :joy: Anyway, I’m sure someone has worked with this. If I remember correctly, what it does, is that it adds Ant+ to your BLE only iPhone, so your phone can pick up the Ant+ signal from your trainer - i.e. it doesn’t convert anything…