Has anyone had this happen? I loaded Hardness Test 2 on my 520 and started the

workout. Everything worked fine until the sixth interval, at which time the trainer (Magnus) would not increase resistance. I tried reconnecting, turning powermatch of and on, and basically any other fiddle I could think of to fix the issue, to no avail. The trainer just maintained power at the baseline (about 115 watts) that it was at when the issue started. I also tried to use the up/down buttons to control resistance, but got no response (based on the instructional video I thought I could control the power level that way). ideas? FWIW, the 520/Magnus combo worked perfectly the last two workouts I did, but there was an updated to the 520 between those two and this morning’s workout.

Hi Mitchell. Was is the same Hardness Test 2 during the previous workouts where you didn’t have any issues?