Hardnes Level 2 on Watopia (Zwift) test ride #2

Will add later my comments in the file… Nice one!! Xert; Hardnes Level 2 CIQ Xert; Hardnes Level 2 CIQ realized

Hans – can you please describe your setup? What devices do you have, what are you using to run xert?

Peter, thanks for asking. This season I am using a Tacx Neo x Garmin Edge 1000 completed with a Garmin HR Belt and USB ANT stick with extension cable (very important to have transmission as close as possible). That’s doing the job very well with both Xert XM and now Xert CIQ :). Tonight I will however start with Garmin Vector 2 PM pedals (instead of using the Neo output) x Garmin Edge1000 for overall consistency (winter plus summer with the same PM data. Read Armando’s advices!).

Xert CIQ is in “beta”? Looks nice!

We’ll be announcing an official beta release shortly.

sure no worries – better that masters of the art (like Hans) give it a whirl first

TYVM George! It is my pleassure to contribute to this community and share our passion😁