Hard done by on a ! Stamp?

Today had 252 XSS low intensity prescribed. Stunning winters day so of course did it outdoors (and wouldn’t want 4 hours on the trainer even if it was terrible weather)

115 km in about 5 hours got 256: 5.5 :0.5 =262 XSS.

And yet it’s stamped red. I get ‘why’ in that I accrued too much yellow, but over 5 hours outdoors with traffic, hills, traffic lights and wind to keep it under 2.5% of the target seems pretty good!!

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You did exercise for 5 hours. It’s fair to think that you are tired even from low intensity.

I also get this on long slow rides, but I’m red for a very short period of time. Is this the same for you?

Your calendar will show you when you recover your form.

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Not so worried about the red stars but the XFAI workout being marked as red.

Even then I get ‘why’ it just seems a touch unfair when the HIE was kept low in the relative sense of the whole ride.