Hammerhead Karoo 2

I assume with the Karoo 2 we should try the newer Xert EBC app?

Xert EBC - Apps on Google Play

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Always unless we say otherwise.

Any information about EBC ? :slight_smile:

Oh, I just received mine (Karoo 2), first thought: very small. About a third of the size of the screen of the phone that I’ve been using on my bike for one year ! The Garmin mounting system is fine, attaches easily on my current mount system (bike computer + camera), but feels a bit “wobbly”.
I only hope that the weather will switch to something bearable before the end of the 45 days risk-free trial so that I have enough time to really try it outdoors ! Still training indoors for now…

Hum, I realized that Strava Live Segments was not available on the Karoo, if you don’t have a Strava Premium account. I really don’t want to pay for Strava, considering the way that they are used to treat their clients. And after buying a 400€ device, I was not even considering that this would be an extra expenditure to the basic functionality :-
I’m waiting for their answer on the possibility to add Live Segments from RideWithGPS leaderboard. I have 45 days to weigh up the pros and cons of that missing feature… Already thinking about buying an Ulefone Armor or Oukitel WPx with extra large battery, with a combination of OTG/Ant+ plug to pair all my devices on the multiple apps that I use when I go riding (Xert, RideWithGPS, …)

BT and ANT + work
Now I do not have too much opportunity to check the operation, but I am sure that since it detected the sensors, the trainer and the application asked for permissions - everything will be OK :slight_smile:

Oh - and there is no need to install a dedicated launcher - the application icon after the sideload is normally visible in the bottom drawer :slight_smile:


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I wonder if using the “XERT” application in outdoor mode (registering GPS data in the XERT EBC configuration) will display “Live Stravy Segments”.
What do you think?



If you start a Karoo ride and then switch to the Xert player using a switch app, I would recommend Swapps, you will get the notification “ding “ for a Strava segment but you will need to switch back to the Ride screen to actually view it. Same with TBT instructions.

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What kind of display are you thinking about ? Colored segments on the map ? Live Segments in Xert ? In Karoo’s app ?

I was wondering if the “Strava Live Segment” would be displayed on the “XERT EBC” screen while driving outdoors.
I am thinking in this direction because I think “SLS” is sort of a standalone service and not a component of “Rides” from the “K2” platform.
But maybe I am wrong.

best regards

Yes, SLS is a standalone service, as you need to have a Premium Strava account to enable that feature on the K2. The main thing that makes me reconsider my purchase.
Hmm, the Oukitel WP5 is winking at me… 8000mAh…

As far as I know you need to pay for Strava Premium to get live segments on all other bike computers too (Garmin etc).

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Sure, but then, why should I pay (that price !) for a device that won’t give me a real advantage vs a cheap phone ?
I can do almost everything with my phone, with my current subscription to Xert, and RideWithGPS when the outdoor season in opened.
Xert to follow a training plan, RideWithGPS to ride new routes with excellent turn-by-turn directions, and elevation profile; and compatible with the Garmin Varia Radar. Plus, I can even use it as… a phone ! And listen to music, watch/listen to videos, check Instagram, …
A couple of years ago, I was also using GhostRacer, to try to improve my time on my favorite segments; it seems that it won’t work any more because of Strava’s new rules, but I guess it should be possible to use segments from RideWithGPS, if the author had motivation to code it :stuck_out_tongue:
I may even try KOMinator…

Sure but personally I don’t feel we are quite there yet with an actual phone. King Kong Mini is close, but for me I’d want better battery performance and - if I am being honest - look less like a cheap phone. :slight_smile:

Having said this I would expect this ideal phone will come at some point and will probably be my next bike computer. Maybe there’s enough of niche market for someone to actually make a phone with this in mind.

As I already mentioned, I was that close to buy an Oukitel WP6 because I found a good deal on it (around 130€ AFAIR; I missed the offer :-), or a WP5 (less than 100€). 10000 mAh battery for the first, 8000 mAh battery for the second. You can’t beat that, with all the apps that you can install on a phone, and use simultaneously. And if I have a call, it’s just under my eyes ! I’m also using that kind of earbuds (only one, right or left, when I’m on the road): https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/4000090422447.html
So I can listen to music or videos with a good audio, I can hear Xert’s notifications for the next interval, and I guess I will hear alerts from the Garmin Varia once it will be installed on my smartphone, in conjunction with RideWithGPS.
AFAIK, my current smartphone should be able to hold its power for around 4 hours, maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less, screen always ON, with 1,2,3,4 apps running. My rides rarely exceed the 3h so if I don’t forget to charge it beforehand, I should be fine. If I find out that I really need more autonomy, I’ll go for an Oukitel or similar alternative. The battery should then last at least twice the time.
BTW, for now I’ve been using my current smartphone with an external battery (10000 mAh), plugged to that phone and my action cam, battery sitting on my top-tube bag with a pair of cables. Recently I changed my action cam to a Drift Ghost, it can record my rides for at least 5 hours; not the best image quality, but all I need is a “proof” in the case I have an accident during my ride (I also use it to have some screenshots of my rides when I push them on Strava). I plan to ride this year, without that top-tube and battery: less weight on the bike, and more aero :slight_smile:

Side loaded EBC on my K2 and completed my first trainer ride using it. No issues.

I was getting frustrated with the lackluster functionality on the K2 and was just about to box it up and return it. After discovering this thread and the ability to side load apps, this thing is a keeper.

EBC app is great thus far on Android in general. I echo the request for a dark mode, ability to toggle interval prompts, and a dedicated “end workout” or “stop” button. Related to ending a workout, it would be nice if the app recognized an indoor ride vs outdoor and configured accordingly. For example: if a smart trainer is connected then disable GPS and change from a “ride” based activity to purely a “workout” based activity. If riding outdoors then the ride/workout makes more sense but for indoor activities 99% of rides will be the same as a workout so no need to fuss with start/stop both a ride and a workout.


The app does this already. If you’re moving and GPS is changing, it’ll switch to Outdoor and calculate speed / distance with GPS (if you don’t use a separate sensor). If you’re not moving, it’ll switch to Indoor and calculate speed / distance from power.

In terms of workouts, with Xert Sessions now available, we find that riders will start before the workout and will ride afterwards too so having a distinction between end workout and end activity is needed.


I noticed - on the original Xert app - that it is required to enable the GPS in order to be able to connect the other sensors (BT and Ant+). I don’t really mind, except for the days when I forget to enable it, and realize, minutes later, that the app didn’t start recording the data from the sensors.

That would be useful Armando.

Oops ! Today I did my first ride outdoor this year, without any external battery and… more than 30% of the battery capacity are consumed, per hour ! So, yeah, I’m going to buy a WP5 Pro :-\