Grouping public workouts / personal workouts


would it be possible to get an option to group workouts so you can put your workouts into a group which you want to follow.

I can put workout A,B and C into Januari
I can put B,D and E into Februari etc.

As the number of workouts grow it gets harder to find your personal and/or existing public workouts you like to do and plan it. I don’t want to keep searching every time. And this should be fairly simple to implement.


Hi Marvin, try using the Favourite feature to identify those workouts that are most important/valuable to you during a period. You can unfavourite/favourite others when you want to move to a different phase of your training. If you’re developing your own workouts, try naming them uniquely and using the search feature built into the planner to find them. That works quite conveniently too.

hmmm i could do that but it would still be a lot easier to group them. Now I still need to search for them. It’s doable but grouping would be easier because workout A could be in Power built but also in endurance built. Kind hard to keep naming this :slight_smile:

At a minimum would be good to have a way to tag workouts and search by tags. It is not very practical to put all the tags in the workout name, especially when you start to give them suggestive names.
I know I can search by focus, but what about specific workouts by phase? Like Base/Build etc? Again having a custom tag field would be helpful.

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This is a good suggestion, although workouts aren’t generically phase-based as it depends on the target athlete type. Hence, phase that would apply to a workout would have to be calculated per workout, for every athlete, each day. Not out of the question but recognize this isn’t a simple matter.

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Tags are good :grinning:
BTW really digging the new forum (with Search function!!!) - good job!