Gravel race pacing

There’s last weekend’s gravel race. 100k, super windy, yet mostly enjoyable. I always wonder if I leave a little meat on the bone, so to speak. So looking at the numbers, my equivalent power (XEP) was 170w, but if I look at my power curve and go out to 5 hours, it says I should be able to do 200w. So is that 30w my meat on the bone?

If so, should I be trying to hit 200w Normalized Power (as displayed on my Karoo2)?

Thanks for sharing the interesting data and your experiences at the gravel race! Judging by the mpa i think sure you could have put in some more digs if you wanted to… but it’s risky… I’m not really the person to judge the perfectly paced individual super long time trial effort. Will be curious to know what others think