Graphs missing in Activity details

Hi there, I just noticed the activity details page, in particular the graphs, got a very nice redesign. It works fine for all my structured workouts on Zwift. But for all outdoor rides the graphs are missing and I just get the basic numbers on top plus the map.

Already deleted cookies and cache, but nothing changed :frowning:

Is this a known issue?

Cheers, Alex

Make sure Advanced Charts is enabled under Account Settings, Personal Info.


:star_struck: :man_facepalming: Thanks ridgerider! Solved

Appears to be a bug with the redesign as I assume something other than a blank chart should display when you haven’t enabled that option.
My vote would be to nix that option and always show Advanced Charts for everyone. :wink:
Once you’ve enabled it you never want to go back to the original chart format.

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Should now be able to see the new charts independent of the setting in your profile.

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