GPS and Garmin Connect IQ Settings for Xert Workout Player

I wanted to post something in the forum just in case there was anyone else who had a similar situation. You see I had been doing a few of the workouts on the Xert Workout Player (XWP) and every time I finished them and uploaded them to Garmin Connect they didn’t have a map associated with them. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why I wasn’t getting the GPS to register on the workouts. Well, I found out why. If you open Garmin Connect and look at your IQ apps you’ll see the three dots for the settings. Give that a click and get in to your settings. Settings highlight Now you will see the options for the XWP. If you look four options down you will see your GPS enabled tab Settings click in Give it a click! Viola! Settings save Click Save and the option for GPS will now be enabled. The screen automatically goes back to the IQ app page.

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